Travelling by plane is a piece of cake now, thanks to Diazepam (Valium)

I can clearly remember the first time I travelled by plane even though I was quite young at the time; I was only four years old. The flight did not exactly go so smoothly because there were some people who panicked because of the bad weather and made everyone even more scared. The main problem (when you exclude a bumpy, yet perfectly safe ride) were the people who made a big deal and even screamed at one point how we were going to crash. My parents did their best to make me feel safe, but this was extremely difficult because we were sitting next to the people who were unnecessarily screaming how we are all going to die.

Fortunately, when I was younger, we didn’t travel a lot and even when did, we didn’t go far away from home, which meant that we travelled by car. This was extremely convenient for me because I used to get nervous whenever someone mentioned planes. When I got older, I realized that my fear of flying was more irrational than rational, but either way, I simply didn’t want to go anywhere, not even when I won a free trip to Hawaii. I mean, you had to be really crazy in order to turn down such a great offer and I guess that I was.

When I got my first job, I was very excited because I had a chance to do something that I actually liked. It has always been my dream to become an interpreter and I finally had the opportunity to do it. Of course, I was quite good at it, probably because I liked it, but I also like to think that I was talented for this. Besides, I always wanted to learn as many languages as possible.

However, since I was extremely good at what I did and since many people soon found out about it, they started asking me to accompany them on business trips. Sometimes, those trips were somewhere near and sometimes, I had to travel to Europe, which seemed as a nightmare. But as the money was great and as I did something that I liked, I had to accept the offers that I got.

The first plane ride was terrible. I was so nervous that I even had a panic attack on the plane. But fortunately, I didn’t travel together with my employers and they didn’t see what I lunatic I was. The next trip was even worse, especially because this time, my employers were right there to see me. Luckily, they were quite relaxed about it and told me not to worry at all.

Not wanting to embarrass myself like that again and of course, not wanting to do that to myself, I considered turning down such offers. However, there was a better solution that enabled me to deal with my panic attacks successfully. It was Diazepam (Valium).

Now, whenever I have to fly, I make sure that I have everything that I need. I am still afraid of flying, but at least I don’t make a scene each time when I travel. Thanks to Diazepam (Valium), I don’t have to turn down great offers that I get from time to time. And I can finally go to Hawaii, which I plan on doing soon.