How I benefited from Diazepam (Valium)

When I was a teenager, I was perfectly aware of the changes that I was going through and I have to say that they made me happy because I really liked the idea of growing up. Since I liked dressing up, one of my favorite games was going through my mom’s closet and trying out different outfits. Of course, I wasn’t always allowed to this, but sometimes my mom indulged me and let me do whatever I wanted. Since my mom had quite big breasts, I never doubted that I would end up the same. Even when my breasts didn’t grow as much as I expected, I was hopeful that in the end, I would have what I wanted.

However, during my teenage years, it became quite obvious that I was not like my mother. In fact, I was very different in every aspect and when it came to breasts, well, mine were quite small. They were not the smallest breasts in the world, but as far as I was concerned, they were awful and there was no way that I could be happy with them.

I urged my parents to give me money for a boob job, but they simply didn’t want to because they thought I was too young. Since they said that I should wait for a little longer, I patiently waited and when I turned 21, they offered to pay for the surgery as a present for my birthday. I was extremely excited and of course, had no doubts about it whatsoever.

Unfortunately, as much as I looked forward to the idea of having big breasts, I did not look forward to the idea of having surgery. The very thought of someone cutting my skin terrified me and as the day of the surgery was coming closer and closer, I became more and more nervous.

During the following period, I was quite anxious and this change in my behavior was so obvious that my mom urged me to see a doctor. Since the doctor knew right away what the cause of my anxiety was, he recommended Diazepam (Valium), which he said would help me to relax and help me get some rest before the big day.

When it was time for my surgery, I was quite nervous, but less nervous than I would have been if I hadn’t used Diazepam. Fortunately, the surgery went well without any complications and as a result, I had perfectly shaped big breasts that I had always dreamed of. There was simply nothing better than that.

Even though I was dealing with anxiety before the surgery, I was sure that I wasn’t prepared to give it all up. This was my chance to make one of my dreams come true and as far as I know, dreams don’t come true every day. You are lucky if you can make at least one of your dreams come true.

All in all, my dream came true and Diazepam (Valium) was what helped me deal with certain difficulties that I came across along the way.